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It can be very confusing when you are trying to choose a psychic reading. To make it easier think first about what you need to know? How soon do you need to know? I offer2 different readings and both allow for up to 4 questions to be asked. The standard readings will be with you in around 3 days. The urgent reading is a same day reading 6 days a week.

Jenny's Frequently Asked Questions

Do you give me the spell to do or do you cast it for me? AND  Are you always online?
No!! I always cast the spells for you, apart from my money spells which I start off and then I send the items out for you to finish off at home. this tends to bring greater success in this areaI am online 6/7 days a week. I am unable to be online 24 hours a day 7 days a week as this is unrealistic and I find a good balance between getting your work done and being accessible to you is 6-7 days a week. I always reply to emails and queries.

How long do spells take to get a result?
It can be extremely difficult to predict exactly how long your particular spell will take to manifest. A lot will go on behind the scenes before it manifests onto the every day level and you see it, but as a guide, my clients see changes from between 1 week  to within 13 weeks for more complicated and ongoing cases. everyone is different

Do I have to do anything? 
Generally no, I do all of your work at my end. I ask you to keep me updated, let me know of any changes, and if a small part that you can play that may help your cases comes up, I will contact to ask if you would like to help. I will also give you some guidelines to follow relating to how you behave if this is a love or money spell etc, but nothing complicated drawn out or difficult. Some workings require you to take a small part, but mostly this is optional. But basically it is just important that you are all you need to do is be your normal self, and wait for results.

What details do you need to give me for spells?
I will require the names of both yourself and anyone else involved. (in the case of a desired person I can at times work from a first name or description only) and if possible dates of birth for anyone involved. A photo is helpful but not essential. An outline of your situation in a truthful manner, ( please don't be embarrassed!) and rough time frame of recent events. this gives your case the strongest possible chance of full success. The majority of what I require, in some cases all of it, can all be provided by email for a speedy start to your spell work.

Why do I have to pay for a spell?

Simple answer is that you don't! You can buy a book, read and research online and cast your own spells, but sometimes, especially when emotions are involved, it may be beneficial to have help, some people don't want to try their hand at spell casting and some purely want someone who knows what they are doing with a lot of experience behind them to undertake this important task for them. The reason I have to charge for my spells, is because, I have overheads, all my ingredients and other items and consumables used in my spells are of the highest quality, they may not be the cheapest, but they are the best and they have to be paid for. Along with my time both in casting the actual spells and the support and advice that I give my clients. my work is a full time job and I am here to help you, all you need to do is ask. I offer you the benefit of my expertise, my specialist  magic, and honesty. my high level and many many years of experience in lots of different types of magical crafts and traditions along with solutions to many very difficult situations

I am having or have had spells cast by another practitioner, will this interfere with your work?
As long at the spells are being cast using ethical methods, then generally all work towards the same cause is positive. However I usually prefer to be aware that others are working on it too, and I am always happy to carry out my work alongside another practitioner.

How long do love spells last? Do you undertake binding spells?
Generally spells work until they have brought your request into being, or are cancelled, reversed or broken. Some spells are different, binding in particular, as they are permanent and therefore last forever, my belief is that binding, not just for lovers, but for all things, needs to  used with extreme caution. I turn down more binding requests than I take on as a rough guide! please ask if you feel you require this type of spell. I am an ethical practitioner at all times

Are spells guaranteed to work?
The bottom line truth is no, they aren't. Despite what certain witches/spell-casters/websites claim, this is out of the casters control for a variety of reasons. For example, we are dealing with unseen forces, we may not be aware of a bigger picture that is about to evolve and this may put a different slant on your spell, when this happens a slightly different, but better than requested result normally occurs, due to a number of factors. And also I cannot guarantee how a client will behave, I can guide my clients, but I cannot make them do anything! quite often people go against what they have been advised and that wont help.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Basically there is no such thing,  sorry to sound sceptical of those that offer it, but I have received a vast amount of email over the time I have been working online, which is 10 years, and by letter and phone before that, from people telling me of the wonderful guarantees offered, but never amounting to anything.  Many people  have tried other spell casters prior to working with me, they never got their money back. It always sounds great and trouble free but sadly a lot of the spell casters offering these guaranteed services disappear as quick as they arrived and come back after some  re-invention leaving a trail of disappointed and disillusioned people in their wake. I offer, what I consider to be a much better and certainly a more genuine guarantee, that is that you pay for your chosen spell, once, and once only for each particular spell you choose, I then cast that spell and work on your case until it is resolved. no more payments need be made. See below for full outline of how it works. No catches, no small print, no ifs or buts. Just a genuine offer..
For the fuller details of this work please look at this page  JENNYS GUARANTEE  if ordering these Spells I can promise you that I will work on your spell case until it is resolved for the one payment that you agree upon at the start of our spell casting work together. All I ask in return is that you do keep in touch with me, and let me know how things are, and any updates. (see jennys agreement) This means that you have nothing to lose if you desire is to purchase a spell and give it a try, I will not expect more payments or come up with lousy excuses why it needs more spell work and money thrown at it, yes it may need more spells cast, but that will not mean more money spent. This system is quite unique as a lot of spell casters and witches these days like you to pay for each new spell that is cast, and there is nothing wrong with that, its a time consuming and expensive task casting spells to a professional standard, but my way of working has come about due to the number of people I have encountered that have had many spells cast, costing more and more and don't want to give up, but cannot afford to go on.

What is the success rate? AND Do spells really work?   
I have a great deal of fully satisfied clients over a long period of time; My success rate is currently at the higher end of the 80+% this is because I always pay attention to detail and will not take on all the cases that come to me. this is because I prefer to be truthful about spell castings and its applications to your case, if its a case that does not look likely to work, and some simply wont for karmic or other reasons, some explainable some not,  I will be honest , but gentle and tell you so.

I am unsure still about spells, what should I do?
I prefer my clients to be comfortable working with me, and my honest advice is to spend some time thinking carefully about whether I "feel" like the right person to be entrusted with your spell work, if your still unsure then do nothing if you are unsure about me or about spell work in general! It is always best to go with your own feelings/instincts. If you don't feel comfortable with me, or my energy does not seem compatible with yours, maybe now is not a good time to enter into a spell, or maybe I am not the correct practitioner for you at this time!  I prefer my clients  to think positive, otherwise it can affect the outcome of your spell,  and if you're still not sure, without me seeming unsympathetic or even rude, I would suggest that you should look for another spell caster that can help you. I never pressure anyone to work with me and you wont get countless emails asking why you are not booking or going ahead etc! I do not work on a fear based level, my work carries no threats! I am always here should you require further info or change your mind!

What do you need to know to carry out a reading for me?

It is important for psychics to have some details of who they are looking at/for!, the first name and date of birth of each person you are asking about if that's possible. I will always read for you with the information given, please ask if in any doubt. You will get the most from your reading by making sure that you ask the questions that are on your mind, This allows me to tune in to the information that you really need right now, rather than things that are not at the forefront of your mind at this time.

How often should I have a reading?
That is very much down to your personal choice, some find it useful to have regular readings whilst going through a difficult/stressful time in your life, but when things have settled down you may want to leave it a couple of months or even more between readings.  Your own intuition will often guide you on this.

Are there any questions that you will not answer within readings?
Yes. I do not predict death, or answer questions on health which includes pregnancy. I will be able to answer questions about a third party, but only within the context of your own reading, and I do not , under any circumstances complete whole readings on others without their permission.

What will I get from a psychic reading?

My aim is to provide genuine , positive advice and guidance in a non-judgemental manner. I use the gift of clairvoyance along with tarot, or angelic guidance and help depending on your needs/requirements at this time


Urgent Reading

I offer a same day urgent reading 6 days a week. This is ideal for when something is on your mind and it cant wait. It is available Mon-Sat and it is reasonably priced at Just £35.99 for 4 questions.


Simple Spell

FULLY BOOKED A very simple spell casting for small and simple problems. When you just need a little help with a situation this spell could help you. £99 More Info

Intense Spell

FULLY BOOKED Mid level spell, 5 weeks workings for the problems that need a little more attention. This can be a love spell or a reconciliation spell, or most other subjects. Strong spell help for issues that need fast concentrated spell casting.

£219 More Info

True Witch Spell

FULLY BOOKED This is a powerful spell and not for the faint hearted. Only ask about this if you are serious about change. This is cast as real withes cast their own spells. Real witch style spell castings, 3 months solid work with me for complicated matters. Any Queries? Just ask me 

£419 More Info

UK Money Spell

FULLY BOOKED My money spell is worked differently than most. I work in a unique way to help you draw money and abundance in times of need. This lovely money spell is worked partly by me & then partly by you under my close instruction! This helps it to work much more precisely for you.   £95 UK only. More Info