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It can be very confusing when you are trying to choose a psychic reading. To make it easier think first about what you need to know? How soon do you need to know? I offer2 different readings and both allow for up to 4 questions to be asked. The standard readings will be with you in around 3 days. The urgent reading is a same day reading 6 days a week.

Jenny's Guarantee

Spell Work Guarantees and Promises 

Many people talk about “guaranteed” spells, you will even find spell casters who guarantee success but the truth is there are no spells that are guaranteed to work. That may be disappointing but I can either tell you the truth or I can tell you what you want to hear, and I prefer the truth, however read on and you will see I do offer a genuine guaranteed spell casting service for some of my spells, although this guarantee is not what you may expect or even come looking for, it is a genuine one..

People also talk about time scale “how long will it take for my spell to work ?” or “when will I see results from the magic spell ?” and once again what you are often told by some spell casters about spells that work really fast and what is true can be different as each case is unique and it’s impossible to predict how soon spells will manifest and this can result in an agonising situation, with false hope given at the start you can find yourself having paid for spells that you were led to believe will bring about resolution instantly only to find that you are asked for more and more money for extra spell work, leaving you with a dilemma, carry on not knowing what the final bill could be or give up and waste the hard earned  money you have already spent for nothing.

My ongoing spell is different and this is why...please read on...These are some of the reasons why I have a unique way of working. What I will guarantee at the start is that I will work on your case until it is resolved or until you tell me to stop and I will never ask for any extra money, I won’t promise spells that work in a day but I will continue to work on it until we get a result. The only payment you will make is a one off at the start so you will know from the off exactly what this will cost.

Now if you think about that you will see that this works in your favour in more ways than one. Firstly it is in my interest to get results for you as quickly as possible as I have nothing to gain, unlike most spell casters, by dragging things out. Secondly it’s in my interests to be as honest as possible with you, me giving false hope would be pointless as it would just result in me having endless work to do on a pointless case, a bit like me kidding myself. Thirdly you are safe in the knowledge that you have my on-going support, after all if I’m going to work on this till the end I will need to keep things positive.

This guarantee is a genuine one, as long as we are working on the same situation then there will never be anything further to pay.These spells are priced at just £1575 please see the spell page for ongoing spell casting work to know more. Still unsure?...Why not Ask me?

Urgent Reading

I offer a same day urgent reading 6 days a week. This is ideal for when something is on your mind and it cant wait. It is available Mon-Sat and it is reasonably priced at Just £35.99 for 4 questions.


Simple Spell

FULLY BOOKED A very simple spell casting for small and simple problems. When you just need a little help with a situation this spell could help you. £99 More Info

Intense Spell

FULLY BOOKED Mid level spell, 5 weeks workings for the problems that need a little more attention. This can be a love spell or a reconciliation spell, or most other subjects. Strong spell help for issues that need fast concentrated spell casting.

£219 More Info

True Witch Spell

FULLY BOOKED This is a powerful spell and not for the faint hearted. Only ask about this if you are serious about change. This is cast as real withes cast their own spells. Real witch style spell castings, 3 months solid work with me for complicated matters. Any Queries? Just ask me 

£419 More Info

UK Money Spell

FULLY BOOKED My money spell is worked differently than most. I work in a unique way to help you draw money and abundance in times of need. This lovely money spell is worked partly by me & then partly by you under my close instruction! This helps it to work much more precisely for you.   £95 UK only. More Info