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It can be very confusing when you are trying to choose a psychic reading. To make it easier think first about what you need to know? How soon do you need to know? I offer2 different readings and both allow for up to 4 questions to be asked. The standard readings will be with you in around 3 days. The urgent reading is a same day reading 6 days a week.

Spells cast, love spells,money spells by UK witch

Specialist love and Reconciliation Spells Crafted and Cast for you by English Witch.

I am currently fully booked for spell casts. Please email me if you are  interested in a spell but are able to wait around 8 weeks.

Many people have tried other spell casters prior to working with me, particularly with love spells, many of those guaranteeing money back spell services, they never got their money back. It always sounds great and trouble free but sadly a lot of the spell casters offering these guaranteed services are companies who disappear over night and come back after some  re-invention leaving a trail of disappointed and disillusioned people in their wake. I dont do this because I care about my spells and I care about my clients. I offer a specialised service for the casting of love spells in particular. I offer 6 different types of castings, or more correctly methods of working on those casts for you. My most in demand being my love spels. Love spells account for a huge part of my work, but I offer other spells too and money spells. My spell services are laid out simply and everything is clear and easy to understand even if you know nothing about spells. Once you tell me your situation and how you need help I set to work. Its very simple, I look to see what needs to be done, use some psychic tests to check all is how it should be and then I tell you if I can help.The checks are in depth and especially for the love spells, but I need the full background from you. Especially true for love spells where there is so much emotion involved. I am a specialist within the love area and the casting love spells. 
Specialist Spells cast for Love & reconciliation, Castings for Your Unique Situation,Custom spells
If you want to go ahead with a spell casting I tell you what is best to book and I explain what we are going to do together. You dont have to cast a single spell! Or doing anything towards your spell if you dont want to! I do all of that and I cast all the spells for you but we are a team as you want this to work and I want to help you to get what you want from your spell. Together we have a lot of power for your spell castings going forward. You have all the desire and emotions and i have all the secrets and know how on what to cast and when to cast it. Together we are stronger. If its only you asking me how its going and you telling me what has been happening, we still have a link. I am a cheery person by nature and i will never judge you or your situation, we are all in different situations but you and i will have a common INTENT, and that intention is to make this work together.

Honest Practical Spell Casting, Spells to Correct Situations and Bring Change for you

I dont guarantee spells because I offer a truthful spell casting service, and I know that no one not even GOD will guarantee it. But I have some pledges to you and you will know that I am telling the truth about my spells. I am after all a realistic person and a realistic ,true and genuine witch.The spells below are in a nutshell, but below that there is an expanded description. I also offer a lovely money spell that is carried out in a unique manner.
Click here to read about my unique money spell. So you can see if this lovely money spell is for you. You may also like to read about my promise to you and the agreement for the longer spells. I am an open and genuine witch, living and working in the UK. If you are looking to contact a witch, well you have found one! a real witch. To contact your newly found witch please go to the contact page. Jennys pledge, promise and agreement is here CLICK

  • Simple quick little spell, this is for the easier issues, good all round spell help £99 More Info
  • Mid level spell, 5 weeks workings, when you need a witch to help £219 More Info
  • Real witch style spell castings, 3 months with me for complicated matters £419 More Info
  • A year-and-a-day spell casting,solid, powerful spell help when all seems lost £775 More Info
  • Jenny's forever spell cast.Cast until you get a result.By arrangement only.£1575 More Info
  • Jennys lovely money spell, a great and uniquely cast great money spell only £95 More Info

Spell Casting Method 1; Simple magic to give a little help when its needed £99

My Mini spell. This is a 5 cast spell series and it is suitable for small jobs. Things that just need minor help. All small topics welcome apart from money and lovers re-uniting work, please see below for that. A good all round little spell. If in doubt ask me.

Spell Casting Method 2; A 5 week spell casting, powerful spell for awkward situations £219

My mid level spell casting series. This is a strong spell series and I cast it over the optimum timescale of 5 weeks. This operates as a 4 weeks spell series during which time I am working on all the parts that are needed to get you resolution of your problem or issue, plus 1 further week to get and keep the high levels I have obtained for your case. I am in touch with you during this time and you can contact me as much or as little as you like, but I will be working on your case and with the aim of getting you the very best possible result. I am very experienced in these matters and have a witchcraft background and I know what works and what doesn’t. I work using several tried and tested methods and I am happy to try a little of each for you or to work solely with one method. With my spell casting work you don’t have to make loads of decisions I handle all that once I have your full and truthful background to your case and we have agreed on your work. There may be a short delay until a space becomes available but I will advise on all of this at the start.

My high level spell casting series is only suitable for serious cases and when you are quite sure of your motives and needs. I always double check on both these points before I start. I am here to help you by casting powerful and long lasting spells. You will have me on your side to help and advise and to work towards gaining you happiness where there is pain or upset. My work is deep and genuine spell casting at its best. Be sure you want this! I am understanding, sensitive to all needs and to all kinds of people. No judgmental issues here I assure you. I work hard for you and this includes a lot of casting, every day over your chosen period, I put a lot into this to aim to get the soonest and best result possible. If in doubt send me a message and see! I always look into a case so I need the truth as I will find it and then I can advise you further. Ask me about this spell. or if this can help you?.
This series over 4 +1 week=5 weeks casting is just £219

Spell Casting Method 3; A 3 month spell casting, not for the fainthearted. £419

This true ‘witch style’ casting is done in a manner that a real witch would work on their own troubles or issues. The key to success in this powerful and intense spell is the consistency and the constant push to get things done. Your spell will be cast every day for 3 months, it is this constant driving home of your desires that gives you a so much greater chance of full success. I am working so closely with you on this, casting your spell for you just as I would be if I was working on my own problems. By increasing the repetition of your spell casting it builds up so much more quickly and so much more powerfully. There is no time to waste and the true witch style casts are an opportunity to get your situation cast on using the real tricks of the trade and the real witch’s expertise. This is a lot of casting! Make no mistake this powerful spell is really capable of making great positive changes. Bringing happiness to you and helping to fix the more complex situations, issues or problems. This is suitable for matters of love, complicated love affairs, times when a partner is straying or when your relationship is failing. If you are noticing a lack of attention in you, or if you are trying to win back someone’s heart. Love triangles and their removal is a speciality. It can also be used for business and other personal issues. Court cases and divorces, selling homes and setting off on a new path. The more difficult problems can be cast upon with the use of this great spell. 3 month of true witch style castings. Ask me for more details or if this can help you?.

Spell Casting Method 4;

A year and a day of castings. This brings reassurance that you wont be paying out over and over again for the same spell, whilst giving you a very good chance of success, no matter how difficult your case seems to be. Whilst i cannot perform a miracle, continued and intense castings is the way that a lot of witches work on their own projects. It consists of a cast every day for the duration of 1 year and 1 day.  (You will need a prior consultation (free of charge)This is a genuine offer.Ask me about this spell. or if this can help you?.

The cost of the year and a day casts is £775  ORDER NOW

Spell Casting Method 5;

Ongoing spell castings, until your case is resolved. No extra costs , one payment only ever £1575 ORDER NOW  You will need a prior consultation and I will need a handwritten letter from you but this will be explained (Consultation is free of charge)

This brings what I consider to be a much better and certainly a more genuine guarantee that is that you pay for your chosen spell, once, and once only for each particular spell you choose, I then cast that spell and work on your case until it is resolved. No more payments need be made. See here for full outline of how it works. No catches, no small print, no ifs or buts. Just a genuine offer..To order any of the ongoing spells you will need a prior consultation (free of charge), bookings are not accepted without this and after we have agreed upon a way forward i send you a special booking code so that you can proceed to the booking page. Please click here to Ask me about this spell. and request your spell assessment/consultation.

Spell Casting Method 6; Joint casting, easy straightforward money spell Strictly UK only £95

My Money Spells are cast on a very different basis to my other work. This is because its very important to have your energy in there if you are going to be asking the universe or whoever you believe will be assisting us. The basis on which I do my money spells is different from all of my other spell castings. With money spells I carry out 25% of the work at my end, and then I send all of the items needed with full instructions to you to carry out the other 75% of the working, plus i'm here to support you via email if you get stuck on anything! You cant say fairer than that!. I find that this is the most effective way of getting money spells to work fully. Despite what you might have been told money spells are still one of the most difficult to get full manifestation. if we accept that money is never created and only moved from one place to another and if we accept that its only the flow of money that can be influenced then we can see why this is the case with the money spells being the most difficult to manifest . I dont mind whether you chose to to book your money spell with me, but if you do want a good solid chance of a money spell working for you then this is the way to do it in my experience and opinion. Ask me about this spell. or if this can help you?. This spell is just £95 

Urgent Reading

I offer a same day urgent reading 6 days a week. This is ideal for when something is on your mind and it cant wait. It is available Mon-Sat and it is reasonably priced at Just £35.99 for 4 questions.


Simple Spell

FULLY BOOKED A very simple spell casting for small and simple problems. When you just need a little help with a situation this spell could help you. £99 More Info

Intense Spell

FULLY BOOKED Mid level spell, 5 weeks workings for the problems that need a little more attention. This can be a love spell or a reconciliation spell, or most other subjects. Strong spell help for issues that need fast concentrated spell casting.

£219 More Info

True Witch Spell

FULLY BOOKED This is a powerful spell and not for the faint hearted. Only ask about this if you are serious about change. This is cast as real withes cast their own spells. Real witch style spell castings, 3 months solid work with me for complicated matters. Any Queries? Just ask me 

£419 More Info

UK Money Spell

FULLY BOOKED My money spell is worked differently than most. I work in a unique way to help you draw money and abundance in times of need. This lovely money spell is worked partly by me & then partly by you under my close instruction! This helps it to work much more precisely for you.   £95 UK only. More Info