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It can be very confusing when you are trying to choose a psychic reading. To make it easier think first about what you need to know? How soon do you need to know? I offer2 different readings and both allow for up to 4 questions to be asked. The standard readings will be with you in around 3 days. The urgent reading is a same day reading 6 days a week.

Genuine UK Only Money Spells £95

Money Spells £95 


The basis on which I do money spells is different from all of my other spell castings. With money spells I carry out 25% of the work at my end, and then
I send all of the items needed with full instructions to you to carry out the other 75% of the working. I find that this is the most effective way of getting money spells to work fully. Despite what you might have been told money spells are still one of the most difficult to get full manifestation. if we accept that money is never created and only moved from one place to another and if we accept that its only the flow of money that can be influenced then we can see why this is the case with the money spells being the most difficult to manifest
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1)A person that is £30k in debt has a spell cast which has the effect of accumulating for them £20,000 albeit not in one lump sum, (sacks of money are quite rare) has the spell worked? to the client probably not, as they perceive their need to be £30,000 from the practitioners viewpoint yes it has. because £20,000 has been drawn in to the client where it did not exist before.

2) A client is living beyond their means ( possibly by accident and no fault of their own). at the end of each month there is more month left than there is pay packet. the practitioner works to resolve this and increases their income over a period of time by 25%, however with this new found wealth the client increases their spending by 25%, has the spell worked? to the client, no. As they still have insufficient funds to meet their increased needs. to the practitioner , yes, as they have increased the flow of money to the client.

If I were to offer a guarantee on money spells and offer to continue to work indefinitely as I do on my other spells, then only a fool would tell me that they are happy and wish me to stop drawing money towards them. as lets face it if there was infinite wealth then we would never have enough.

Urgent Reading

I offer a same day urgent reading 6 days a week. This is ideal for when something is on your mind and it cant wait. It is available Mon-Sat and it is reasonably priced at Just £35.99 for 4 questions.


Simple Spell

FULLY BOOKED A very simple spell casting for small and simple problems. When you just need a little help with a situation this spell could help you. £99 More Info

Intense Spell

FULLY BOOKED Mid level spell, 5 weeks workings for the problems that need a little more attention. This can be a love spell or a reconciliation spell, or most other subjects. Strong spell help for issues that need fast concentrated spell casting.

£219 More Info

True Witch Spell

FULLY BOOKED This is a powerful spell and not for the faint hearted. Only ask about this if you are serious about change. This is cast as real withes cast their own spells. Real witch style spell castings, 3 months solid work with me for complicated matters. Any Queries? Just ask me 

£419 More Info

UK Money Spell

FULLY BOOKED My money spell is worked differently than most. I work in a unique way to help you draw money and abundance in times of need. This lovely money spell is worked partly by me & then partly by you under my close instruction! This helps it to work much more precisely for you.   £95 UK only. More Info