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It can be very confusing when you are trying to choose a psychic reading. To make it easier think first about what you need to know? How soon do you need to know? I offer2 different readings and both allow for up to 4 questions to be asked. The standard readings will be with you in around 3 days. The urgent reading is a same day reading 6 days a week.

Powerful spells, castings by genuine uk witch

Powerful Spells I offer, Jenny, Genuine UK Witch and Occultist, Specialist Spells

If you have searched to contact a real witch, then you are in the right place. I am a genuine UK witch and occultist. I cast powerful spells and refined spells. I have been a witch for many years, since I was 18 in fact, and I use spells every day in my own life as well as on behalf of people who come to me seeking spell help. I am a sensitive and non judgemental person, offering total confidentiality and I offer my spell services as well as my psychic readings from this website. I am a true witch, not just a spell caster, it’s my life, I live and breathe witchcraft. I offer spells to help people with matters that we as humans cannot change. My spells are varied and detailed. I cast in-depth spells for in-depth situations.sometimes i can fix a situation with a spell that would otherwise stay the same, causing unhappiness. Spells can bring happiness back, restore relationships, change fortunes for the better and turnaround situations that were considered hopeless. Thats why i love my work and casting spells are so much more than that. spells are available for most situations and as all of my spells are custom spells im not going to say oh this is a custom spell so thats more expensive! They are all custom spells and they are priced fairly for the amount of work that goes into them. they are after all strong and powerful spells for a reason and that reason is that i like my spells to get the job done calmly, cleanly and quickly. That is always my aim. Plus of course I'm here to help you too should you need my support whilst i'm casting for you. You can rely on that! People can be at their weakest moments when love goes wrong and I understand that, I am here for you if you need someone that understands what its like and what you are feeling. This is especially true with the love spells and return my lover spells that I craft and cast.These spells are totally built from scratch, no off the shelf spells, just pure witchcraft at its clearest and most precise level. This is what makes my spells powerful, I start from scratch and I do not miss anything out. This is why my spells are different, and don’t compare to the halfhearted attempts of some. 

Powerful Spells, Detailed, Precise Spells Cast for You, Speciality Love & Reconciliation Spells

It is true that you get out of a spell what you put in. I work from home, I dedicate my time to your spell and I cast in the strongest and strictest way, I do not miss things out or make up excuses for my work. It is powerful spell casting and I know it. My spell casts and love spells have a very high chance of working fully and not many can say that. But because I am not god and I cannot conduct a miracle. I work realistically and truthfully and I am straight talking, but I am also kind and understanding. I offer excellent spell support and my services are practical in nature. I always go the extra mile to get your spell cast to work fully for you.

The spells I offer range from a simple spell right through to ongoing spell casts that continue until your situation is resolved. But all of my spells are powerful and the intensity only differs by the length of the casting. I cast powerful spells and I like to make surethat you understand what you are asking for from your spell.Be sure you want this! I am understanding, sensitive to all needs and to all kinds of people. No judgmental issues here I assure you. I work hard for you and this includes a lot of casting, every day over your chosen period, I put a lot into this to aim to get the soonest and best result possible

I offer 5 different types of castings, or more correctly methods of working on those casts for you. Jennys agreement is here CLICK.

  • Simple quick little spell, this is for the easier issues, good all round spell help £99 More Info
  • Mid level spell, 5 weeks workings, when you need a witch to help £219 More Info
  • Real witch style spell casting, 3 months with me for complicated matters £419 More Info
  • A year-and-a-day spell casting, solid, powerful spell help if all seems lost £775 More Info
  • Jenny's forever spell casting. Cast until you get a result. By arrangement only.£1575 More Info
  • Jennys lovely money spell, a great and uniquely cast great money spell only £95 More Info

Getting a spell cast is a useful addition when you have tried everything else to change a failing situation or bring back your lover. Lots of people have regular spell work for all kinds of situations and regularly book castings to help with life in general. Selling a house, buying a new one, getting promotion or a change of career. You would be surprised at the people that come along to ask for a spell to be cast! It’s really quite normal nowadays. When I’m casting for you, especially with a love spell, I usually suggest that alongside your spell you work on the mundane everyday level too, this is especially important when it is a love or reconciliation situation because of the depth of emotion involved.

Honest Practical Spell Casting, Spells to Correct Situations and Bring Change for you

I am a UK witch and occultist and have worked with witchcraft since I was 18. I’m in my 50’s now so that’s a long time! I have cast more spells than I could ever count. Whilst the mainstay of my casting work is love spells that is not all I cast. I cast spells on most topics. I work with limited numbers of clients and I am often fully booked but spaces come up all the time so you should never have to wait long to get your spell cast. I work closely with my clients when they are having their spell casts and I am always readily available to answer queries. As I am a true witch and come to that a UK witch I am also quite well known, especially in the south of England. I do choose to work online now though as I can get more done and I am accessible to all.

Often people feel that once they have booked a spell they don’t need to do anything else. That is partially right and partially wrong! The problem with relying on just your spell casts is that while a spell casting will work to align your energies and vibration with the thing or person you want to attract or get into your life, there is further work to be done in the case of returning a lover or love spell work. This is because the underlying problem can crop up again when the spell casting work has completed and you are back in the arms of your errant lover. This is why I always suggest that you work towards putting other corrections in place so that you don’t experience the same problem again. After all I can cast for you and work my spell castings to return your lover, but are you going to do the same as you did before and send them away again? Repeating the same actions between you can repeat the same outcome. This is why when I cast for you I always make suggestions on how to fix things at root level so your fresh new chance brought about by your spell castings isn’t wasted. My spells and my casting skills have been honed over many years. I have cast spells since I was a teenager and it is my life. It is as natural as breathing to me. I started to work as a witch as well as live like one when I was 20. I was trained by the best, my grandmother and she was the village wise woman. I didn’t realise until much later in life just how skilled she was. I had to learn my craft from the bottom up and now I work full time, from home to bring help to those who need it. My spell casting is of a professional standard as is my psychic skills. The majority of my casting work is working with problems in love. From returning an errant lover, to disabling love triangles. The scope of a love spell is vast, but reconciliation spells do make up the biggest part of my client base, other love spells too, and spells to bring a new lover is a close second these days. Where matters of the heart are concerned I have to tread carefully, often people are very upset, despairing or in a complicated situation where their lover has gone off with someone else. This calls for drastic action and often it is the case that the discarded partner needs help and support as well as a fast acting spell. Whilst spells will always take their own time there are a couple of tricks that I can bring in to try to speed the spells manifestation up. But I really don’t cut corners so it has to be in line with what I am casting for you anyway. The casting of the spell is very important as is the crafting of it in the first place so these stages take time. But experience shows me where I can tweak things into a faster acting spell mode and where I can’t. If I can speed up your spell I will do. I split my time between spell casting and psychic readings although my passion is with the spell castings and the crafting of the custom spells from scratch. Starting with some material and the details of the person and their situation that I am going to be working on. This way nothing is missed out and I craft the spell into something that holds a great deal of power. My spells are all very safe, because I make them so! There does not need to be a compromise on power just to make a spell safe. It is all a part of the crafting of it from scratch. I will work with anyone that needs it, as long as it is ethical and it is not designed for revenge. But I prefer to work with the people who are serious about their spell castings. There are lots of people that just say cast a love spell for me, with no thought of the process or the personal responsibility required. This is very serious stuff that you would be getting involved with and you will be working closely with me to help nurture the spell along and to get your situation to open up and change. This is even more crucial in the case of return my lover or other reconciliation spell casting. This has to be right and you will get out of your spell what you put in. There are 2 words that I am always telling my clients and that is be positive and be patient. These spells are very powerful and as soon as they are cast they start the process of aligning your energies with your goal. It starts that quick so every word, thought or deed is important. After all we are building these spell castings up towards your ultimate goal, your success.

I can cast a spell for returning a lover, when your relationship has broken down and it seems as if the love is still there then love reconciliation spells can come to your aid. I cast a lot of these love spells to help fix your relationship, or rebalance it. Then the inner healing of your problems can take place. I ask you about this for the final week of your love or reconciliation spell. Broken relationships are always going to be upsetting but if you have experienced the break down of your relationship, love affair or, romance it is worth asking me if I can cast one of my love spells or a direct and intense reconciliation spell. I can’t promise you a miracle but I can promise all of the very best spell care and attention and a lifetime of experience going into the casting of your love and reconciliation spell. Bringing back a lover is one of my specialties. Talk to me if you are in doubt, I offer free of charge spell consultations so it doesn’t cost you anything to ask me and find out. If you are facing a difficult situation or have suffered the heartbreak of a broken love affair it may just be worth asking me if I can help return your lover.

One of the most popular spells cast is a love spell spells to bring new love into your life, this can range from a short spell for a bit of fun and playful love to a more intense and deeper love spell cast to change the root causes or blockages and energy disturbances that stop a suitable new partner from coming into your life. Love spells range from light and fun spells to spells that are more forceful in nature. The forceful spells are very powerful and intense; they are not dangerous though. They are designed to be cast when other love spells haven’t changed anything or when you just can’t meet anyone you like or when things always go wrong. Then the forceful love spell comes into its own.

I don’t act for revenge so revenge spells are not a part of my casting work, but I can give a couple of suggestions if you ask me and if the situation warrants it.


Spell Casting Method 1; Simple magic to give a little help when its needed £99 My Mini spells are available and this is a series of 5 castings, suitable only for small jobs. Things that just need minor help. All small topics welcome apart from money and lovers re-uniting work which do require different work.

Spell Casting Method 2; A 5 week spell casting, powerful spell for awkward situations £219

Intense spell work, suitable for love spells when you just keep failing to meet your Mr. or Miss Right, returning a lover, and other situations that are obstinate or quite in-depth.

Spell Casting Method 3; A 3-month spell casting, that’s not for the fainthearted. £419

This 3 months of spell casting spell is not for the fainthearted. It is powerful and intense stuff! It is capable of making lots of changes and it can cut through to get to the nitty gritty. You will get ongoing support and in-depth spell casting over the course of 3 months. This spell is suitable for those with ongoing problems or when you know it’s not going to change easily. I am here with you every step of the way with this powerful spell cast. If you have alienated your partner or caused some major problems in love or in life in general, then this will be the suitable spell to help you with it. A good strong spell, ideal for working on love and romance situations, returning a lover or other in-depth situations.

Spell Casting Method 4; A year and a day of intense spell castings. £775

As the name suggest this spell casting can be carried out for a year and a day at the longest or sooner if your case is resolved. At its fullest it will be a year and a day.

Spell Casting Method 5; Joint casting, easy straightforward money spell Strictly UK only £95

My money spells are reliable and strong money spell casts. They are cast on a different basis to my other work in order to have a better chance of working. By bringing your own energy into this it will help to align the energies with your need for money and with the opportunities to gain that money. Without things being in alignment it is really very difficult to make a money spell manifest fully on behalf of someone else. If you have had money spells in the past to no avail, then you will already know this! They are some of the hardest spells to make work. The basis on which I do my money spells is different from all of my other spell castings. With money spells I carry out 25% of the work at my end, and then I send all of the items needed with full instructions to you to carry out the other 75% of the working, plus I’m here to support you via email if you get stuck on anything! You can’t say fairer than that!



Urgent Reading

I offer a same day urgent reading 6 days a week. This is ideal for when something is on your mind and it cant wait. It is available Mon-Sat and it is reasonably priced at Just £35.99 for 4 questions.


Simple Spell

FULLY BOOKED A very simple spell casting for small and simple problems. When you just need a little help with a situation this spell could help you. £99 More Info

Intense Spell

FULLY BOOKED Mid level spell, 5 weeks workings for the problems that need a little more attention. This can be a love spell or a reconciliation spell, or most other subjects. Strong spell help for issues that need fast concentrated spell casting.

£219 More Info

True Witch Spell

FULLY BOOKED This is a powerful spell and not for the faint hearted. Only ask about this if you are serious about change. This is cast as real withes cast their own spells. Real witch style spell castings, 3 months solid work with me for complicated matters. Any Queries? Just ask me 

£419 More Info

UK Money Spell

FULLY BOOKED My money spell is worked differently than most. I work in a unique way to help you draw money and abundance in times of need. This lovely money spell is worked partly by me & then partly by you under my close instruction! This helps it to work much more precisely for you.   £95 UK only. More Info